Opening a Spanish Restaurant: Tips for Attracting Customers – 2024 Guide

The year 2024 is perfect for starting new businesses, and restaurants are a great option in this post-pandemic period when customers want something different. Opening a restaurant, especially with Spanish specialties, is a challenge, and you are already facing that challenge, which we believe will be successful.

If something is typical for Spaniards and Spanish cuisine, then it is the aroma of sizzling garlic shrimp, the vibrant clinking of castanets, and the warm buzz of conversation – Spanish restaurants have a way of transporting you to a sun-drenched plaza, even in the heart of the coldest city.

It is precisely the features of Spanish cuisine, culture, and the people themselves that attract guests to restaurants of this type, but it is still necessary to take certain steps. With their bold flavors, tapas culture, and infectious energy, Spanish eateries are becoming increasingly popular across the globe, so why not apply this, but also additional details that would bring you more?

If you are ready to share your passion for Spain’s culinary magic, here’s your 2024 guide to attracting customers and making your Spanish restaurant a fiesta of success! Let’s look more at this topic. Vamonos!

1. Bring Spain in its entirety through your restaurant to customers

Spanish Restaurant

Spain is a tapestry of diverse regional cuisines, each boasting unique specialties. Knowing that a large number of people are in love with Spanish cuisine, be sure that you will fully convey the taste of this beautiful country through the offers on the menu, and for how to create a great menu, click for info. From the seafood-laden paella of Valencia to the smoky paprika-infused chorizo of Extremadura, authenticity is key.

Research specific regions and their signature dishes, ensuring your menu reflects the culinary soul of Spain. Don’t forget the little details – the little details are what make any experience memorable, so don’t forget to include them, because it will bring customers back to you again and again.

2. Try to have a substantial wine list of wines originating from Spain

We already mentioned above how important authenticity is, but we must emphasize again that opening a restaurant also means transferring even the most drinkable wines from Spain. Try to create an offer in your wine list of the best wines from Spain, so that in addition to serving a delicious portion of food, you can also serve a great wine that every visitor will fall in love with.

The wine regions of Spain really have a lot to offer and can take any of your guests on a perfect wine journey paired with the perfect portion of food. So prepare well and offer something that will be top-notch, which is a comprehensive wine list.

3. Pass on the sweetest of Spain too – it’s actually the icing on the cake!

Opening Restaurant in Spain

No Spanish meal is complete without a touch of sweetness. But we would say – no meal is complete without an authentic dessert, which would perfectly fit into the Spanish tradition and culture. So why not do something about that as well? Pass the best desserts on the menu!

ntroduce classic desserts like churros with chocolate for dipping, crema Catalana with its caramelized crust, or the almond-infused turrón. These are some of the Spanish classics that any guest who loves what the Spanish have to offer would ask for. For a modern twist, offer lighter options like fruit sorbets or yogurt parfaits with Spanish honey.

Perfection beyond words, let alone tastes, isn’t it? Remember, presentation matters – plate your desserts beautifully, adding a final flourish of Spanish flair, and you can even prepare the process of offering and serving the dessert – it will bring additional value to the guests.

4. Give meaning to the space and enrich it with Spanish symbolic decorations

Give meaning to Spanish restaurant

While food is king, wine has the role of a queen who is always by her king’s side, the dining experience goes beyond the plate. Yes yes, you read that right. It is of great importance to bring the spirit of Spain into the space for guests to enjoy. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects the vibrancy of Spain.

Decorate with colorful tiles, flamenco posters, and twinkle lights. Afraid you won’t be able to find these items? The Internet is buzzing with the offer of such decorations! Train your staff to be hospitable and knowledgeable, adding a personal touch with Spanish greetings and recommendations – this will raise the level of the restaurant from the very first days and bring new guests constantly. Consider hosting live flamenco performances or Spanish guitar nights to truly immerse your guests in the Spanish spirit. All this can give a great 5 and a lot of nice words!

5. Connect the story of your restaurant in the best marketing way

Marketing Strategies for Opening Spanish Restaurant
Give meaning to Spanish restaurant

In today’s digital age, online presence is crucial. That’s why it’s best to come up with a good enough marketing approach that will give your potential and existing customers everything they need to come and enjoy the restaurant.

Don’t spare yourself to create a visually appealing website showcasing your delicious dishes and vibrant atmosphere. Be active on social media, sharing mouthwatering food photos, hosting live cooking demos, and engaging with your local community. Bring some of the most important and famous stories from Spain, interesting facts and famous people who are important to that country.

Partner with food bloggers and influencers for reviews and promotions, but also for sufficiently spreading the word about the restaurant and the offer. Also, do not forget to make an option for online reservations or start a partnership for home delivery of food.


Opening an authentic restaurant is something perfect on the one hand, and on the other hand it is a sweet challenge that hardly any entrepreneur can resist. Before you are some important and very useful details that can help you make a boom with your idea of bringing Spanish culture and cuisine closer to the local population. Good luck and enjoy this interesting cultural and culinary experience.